Clerk and Councillors

If you need to contact the Parish clerk please use the following:-

Charmaine Greenan
Claydon & Whitton Parish Clerk
129 Poplar Hill
IP14 2AX

Tel: 07887 459989 

For District and County Councllors follow this link

Claydon Parish Council Members

Councillor Contact details Finance   Planning   
Cllr. Chris Studd (Chair)
Valley View, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EG
01473 831816
Yes Yes
Cllr. Gail Cornish (Vice Chair)
4 Alasdair Place, Drury Road, Claydon IP6 0ET
01473 834035
Yes Yes
Cllr. Peter Avis
5 Back Lane, Claydon, IP6 0EB
01473 831553
Yes Yes
Cllr. Nigel Gutteridge
54 Thornhill Road, Claydon IP6 0DZ
01473 830072
Cllr. David Mayes
18 Hereford Drive, Claydon, IP6 0BF
01473 831144

Cllr. Stuart Price
30 Exeter Road, Claydon IP6 0BP
01473 839948
Cllr. Glenn Risbridger
Fieldview Cottage, 7 The Slade, Claydon, IP6 0EX
01473 832590
Cllr. Alex Thomas
Tall Trees, Church Lane, Claydon, IP6 0EL
01473 833846
Cllr. John Whitehead
9 Highfield Drive, Claydon, IP6 0EY
01473 833279
Yes Yes
3 vacancies      


Council Members Responsibilities

Activity Representatives
Allotments Chris Studd
Community Centre MC Peter Avis
Conservation Area  
Emergency Plan Sue Herbert, Chris Studd,
Employment committee Chris Studd, Nigel Gutteridge,
Fly Tipping Chris Studd
Footpaths and Trees Glenn Risbridger
Local Historian Trevor Messenger
Neighbourhood Plan Gail Cornish
PCSO Tasking Group John Whitehead,
Recreation Ground MC Glenn Risbridger, John Whitehead
River Gipping Trust Chris Studd
SALC Chris Studd
SUEZ Chris Studd
Village Hall MC  
Viridor (Masons Cement Works) John Whitehead
Wattisham Liaison Committee Chris Studd
Webmaster John Tuppen
Youth Project Support Group John Whitehead, Glenn Risbridger


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