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Situated in the beautiful Gipping Valley about 5 miles north west of Ipswich,  the villages of Claydon and Barham are geographically inextricably linked as a result of historical and continuing urbanisation. For those interested in the detail this marked up map shows the boundaries. The area is managed by two Parish Councils, Barham and Claydon & Whitton. Many issues and community facilities are common to both Parishes, yet each village also has its own pages for specific Parish information.


Claydon and Barham had been one benefice since the 1930’s. The Claydon and Barham Church (St Mary and St Peter) (map) has its own website where you find details of the services and activities together with details about hiring their hall which is attached to the Church.

In Claydon the Church of St Peter's (map), with a register dating from 1660, became redundant in 1975. The parish now shares worship with the neighbouring parish of Barham. You can find more about the churches and links to other related websites giving some more historical information here.


The Village Hall was handed over to the parishioners of Claydon and Barham in the 1950’s; formally it was Claydon Institute and the property of Claydon Church. It is also the location of the war memorial and every November a short remembrance service is held on Armistice Day. There are regular activities in the hall and the hall is also available for private hire for more information follow this link.


There is a Community Centre, based next to Claydon High School (map), details of the events can be found on their website by following this link. The hall is also available for private hire.


The Recreation ground (map), is probably one of the best kept secrets of the village, situated at the top of Edinburgh gardens. It has play equipment for young and old alike. It also has a football pitch and a small changing facility which is used by Claydon football club. Click here for more detailed information.


Links to Claydon High school , Claydon Primary School and to Claydon Pre School can be found here. All have their own websites covering detailed information. The Claydon Preschool used to be located in the Community Centre but now has its own building on the site of the former Scout hut at the Recreation Ground.


The area is home to a number of clubs and societies, this link provides information on the associated websites and telephone numbers. 
Some organisations adopt a name based on their Parish location and others on the catchment that they serve. This is why we have a Claydon Primary School but a Claydon & Barham village hall. If you are a newcomer, like me, it is initially all very confusing but all the organisations serve both communities. There is also a special web site devoted to activities with the emphasis on youth, follow this link for more information on the Claydon Youth Community Project

Note because of the close proximity of the parishes many of the topics will be common and will be reported on the shared news & events page. However for local parish issues follow the links to Claydon & Whitton, or  Barham.