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This list details a subset of current and recent applications. Please read explanatory notes below.

 Full details can be obtained from the planning portal here by copying the application number and entering it as the search criteria.

MSDC Application Number  Description/Location  
  Last updated 20/07/2017  

Full Planning Application - Erection of 2No dwellings and creation vehicular access.
Land At Sandy Lane Barham  

DC/17/02207 Householder Planning Application - Erection of wood panel fence and extend the fence line further beside the house wall (retention of). 1 Queech Place Barham Ipswich Suffolk IP6 0GD  

Erection of office building to replace previous office building destroyed by fire.
Progress Works Old Ipswich Road Claydon Ipswich Suffolk IP6 0AG

DC/17/02402 Householder - Proposed addition of a Carport to existing double garage at Green Farm
Green Farm Barham Green Barham Ipswich Suffolk IP6 0QF
DC/17/03237 Discharge of conditions application for 4887/16 - Condition 5 (Archaeology)
Taimoshan Church Lane Claydon Ipswich Suffolk IP6 0EQ
1832/17 Outline Application - Erection of up to 315 dwellings, vehicular access to Old Norwich Road, public open space, and associated landscaping, engineering and infrastructure works.
Land To The West Of Old Norwich Road And To The East Of The A14 Claydon
1844/17 Erection of a two storey dwelling with detached double garage and creation of new vehicular access and parking area.
Honeymoon House Land North Of 3 Lower Farm Cottages Norwich Road Barham IP6 0NU
DC/17/02210 External alterations in association with change of use to dwelling granted under 0081/17.
Redewood Cottage Rede Lane Barham Ipswich Suffolk IP6 0ER
1856/17 Outline planning application for phased development for the erection of up to 300 homes, including 8 self-build plots and affordable housing, together with associated access and spine road including works to Church Lane, doctor's surgery site, amenity space including an extension to the Church grounds, reserved site for Pre-School and Primary School and all other works and infrastructure (with all matters reserved except for access and spine road).
Land Off Norwich Road Barham And Claydon


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Non material amendment sought following planning permission of 0300/13 Alterations to roof shape and fenestration.
Red Barn Farm, Rede Lane, Barham IP6 0EP

 1541/17 Erection of office campus comprising 14no. office units within three buildings, complete with access and 103 car parking spaces.
Land to the south of Claydon Court, Old Ipswich Road, Claydon IP6 0BZ
 1067/17 Garage conversionand alterations to existing access
11 Woolner Close, Barham IP6 0DL

Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwelling house (Class C3) and for Associated Operational Development Leedes Farm, Bulls Road, Hemingstone IP6 9RF  

0069/17 Erection of rear two storey extension.
39 Kirby Rise, Barham IP6 0AU

Erection of a single storey rear extension
1 Fir Tree Lane, Claydon IP6 0RB 

 0393/17  Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Class C3), and for Associated Operational Development
White House Farm, Ashbocking Road, Henley IP6 0SA
1156/17 Erection of first floor extension over garage
2 The Pines, Claydon IP6 0HE
4138/16 Conversion of existing barn & workshop, Erection of a cartlodge/studio building
Barns at Charity Farm, Main Road, Hemingstone IP6 9RJ
 1067/17  Garage conversion
11 Woolner Close, Barham IP6 0DL
 0577/17 Erection of post and rail fence and five bar farm gate
Chestnut Farm, Barham Green, Barham,IP6 0QD
0821/17 Proposed alterations and conversion of redundant agricultural buildings
"Threshing Barn", Primrose Hill Farm, Main Road, Hemingstone IP6 9RL
0928/17 Erection of 10 dwellings, with associated landscaping, open space and infrastructure
Land at Norwich Road, Barham
0191/17 Erection of 23 dwellings, garages, parking, drainage, Estate Road, Public Open Space and associated external works
Land rear of de Saumarez Drive, Norwich Road, Barham IP6 0SN

Erection of 1.8m close boarded fence.
The Lodge, Nursery Wood, Church Lane, Barham IP6 0QE


Erection of single-storey side extension to rear of existing garage
17 Woolner Close, Barham IP6 0DL

0207/17 Erection of single-storey rear extension
6 Newell Rise, Claydon, IP6 0AQ
5017/16 Part demolition of boundary wall, making good and erection of new brick pier
The Old Rectory, Church Lane, Claydon,IP6 0EQ
0085/17 Erection of 27 dwellings including 9 affordable homes (with appearance, landscaping layout and scale forming Reserved Matters) (resubmission of application 2113/16). Land between Norwich Road and Pesthouse Lane, Barham  
0170/17 Single Storey Rear Extensions to Dwelling Following Demolition of Existing
Yew Tree Cottage, Main Road, Hemingstone IP6 9RJ
0274/17 Erection of a 1 and half storey dwelling with formation of new vehicular access.
Chelston, Jackson Place, Barham IP6 0PA
4222/16 Outline planning permission for the erection of a single dwelling (all matters reserved) following demolition of existing storage building.
Mill House Farm, Mill Lane, Henley, IP6 0QD
0058/17 Erection of a single storey hydrotherapy pool extension, first floor rear extension, side canopy, entrance ramp..
5 Maple Grove, Barham IP6 0PH
0081/17 Prior Approval for a change of use from storage buildings to Dwellinghouses
The Barn, Rede Lane, Barham IP6 0ER
0084/17 Temporary siting for static caravan
Hall Farm, Norwich Road, Barham IP6 0PA
0122/17 Erection of a single storey rear extension
13 Bacon Road, Claydon IP6 0BQ
5034/16/FUL Erection of a garage
5 Lower Crescent, Barham,IP6 0PF
0094/17 Request to dismantle protected trees
27 Old Rectory Close, Barham, Ipswich, IP6 0PY
5034/16 Erection of a garage
5 Lower Crescent, Barham,IP6 0PF
4957/16 Application for Lawful Development Certificate for loft conversion
5 Willow Close, Claydon IP6 0DW
4356/16 Erection of 1no. two storey detached dwellinghouse. Erection of detached double garage.
Land North of 3 Lower Farm Cottages, Norwich Road, Barham IP6 0NU
4956/16 Erection of new first floor extension over existing garage.
2 The Pines, Station Road, Claydon IP6 0HE
5029/16 Request for Screening Opinion in accordance with the Town & Country Planning (Environmental impact Assessment) Amended Regulations 2015
Land off Church Lane, Barham
4993/16 Lawful Development Certificate sought for a single storey home gymnasium.
2 Hare And Hounds Corner, Hemingstone, IP6 9RW
4887/16 Proposed detached dwelling
Land at Taimoshan, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EQ
4710/16 Full planning permission for the erection of new industrial unit (B2 use) for Holden Timber Engineering with 2.4m perimeter fence and Outline planning permission to develop the remaining site for 18 units of mix B1, B2 and B8 use.
Land at Paper Mill Lane, Claydon IP6 0BE
4660/16 Outline Planning Permission for the erection of 2No 2 storey detached dwellings with parking
Land South of Walnut Tree Cottages, Old Norwich Road, Whitton IP1 6LQ
4612/16 Erection of two storey rear extension
Brewery Farm Cottage, Hemingstone,IP6 9RR
4494/16 Application for approval of Reserved Matters (phases 1 - 8), pursuant to Outline Permission ref. 1969/10. Land at Field Quarry (Known as Masons Quarry),
SnOasis Site at Bramford Road, Great Blakenham, IP6 0XJ
4381/16 Erection of a garage block with summer room over
1 Rise Hall Cottage, Thurleston Lane, Whitton, IP1 6TH
4450/16 Alterations and Extensions
Cowslip Cottage, Church Lane, Hemingstone,IP6 9RH
IP/16/00898/FUL Construction of regional distribution centre comprising 11,508sqm of warehousing (B8) with 1,850 sqm of ancillary offices.
Whitton Lane Old Norwich Road Ipswich Suffolk
4348/16 Creation of vehicular access, part demolition of boundary wall (Revised Scheme)
The Old Rectory, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EQ
4214/16 Erection of a single-storey, flat roofed extension to rear of property
4 Exeter Road, Claydon IP6 0BP
4160/16 Single storey side extension
Old School House, Rectory Road, Hemingstone,IP6 9RB
4142/16 Creation of new vehicular access and parking area (see 1787/15)
Old Rectory Nursing Home, Church Lane, Barham IP6 0PS
3376/16 Creation of a new vehicular access
20 Station Road, Claydon IP6 0HT
4015/16 Erection of a first floor extension over existing attached garage.
25 Hazel Rise, Claydon IP6 0DB
3306/16 Erection of a single storey front and rear extensions and internal alterations.
Highlands, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EG
3291/16 Erection of new single storey workshop following demolition of existing garage and workshop.
Highlands, Church Lane, Claydon, IP6 0EG
3474/16 Repositioning of vehicular access.
Brewery Farm Barn, Ashbocking Road, Hemingstone, IP6 9RR
3099/16 3100/16 Variation of conditions  replace thatch with natural slate
Chestnut Farm, Barham Green, Barham, IP6 0QD
4088/15 Conversion of store to form 1 bedroom dwelling
The Old Stable Back Lane, Claydon IP6 0EB
3468/16 Erection of single storey front extension Peacehaven,
The Crescent, Barham, IP6 0PE
3200/16 Erection of a part single, part two storey rear extension.
37 Kirby Rise, Barham,IP6 0AU
3159/16 Single storey rear extension and front porch.
5 Glebe Way, Barham, IP6 0BB
3091/16 Single storey side and rear extension.
22 Bacon Road, Claydon, IP6 0BQ
2336/16 Erection of two detached dwellings and garages on land adjacent to existing dwelling for private use. 
Taimoshan, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EQ
2913/16 Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Class C3) Primrose Hill Farm, Main Road, Hemingstone IP6 9RL  
2851/16 Two storey rear/side extension.
Hornbeam Cottage, Main Road, Hemingstone,IP6 9RJ
2735/16 Non-material amendment sought following grant of planning permission 3401/15. 
22 Bacon Road, Claydon, Ipswich, IP6 0BQ
2604/16 Erection of a two storey first floor rear extension, and single storey extension.
17 Jackson Place, Barham IP6 0PQ
2423/16 Erection of a single storey side extension.
Woodview, Bells Cross Road, Barham IP6 0QN
2337/16 Erection of a single storey side extension and a detached garage/cart lodge.
Taimoshan, Church Lane, Claydon,IP6 0EQ
2225/16 Convert existing agricultural buildings to a two dwellings....
Bell Cross Farm, Bells Cross Road, Barham, Ipswich, IP6 0QW
2113/16 Erection of 27 dwellings including 9 affordable homes
Land between Norwich Road and Pesthouse Lane, Barham
2230/16 Non material amendment sought following grant of planning permission 2502/13
Beecroft, Barham Green, Barham IP6 0QG
 1823/16  Erection of new double garage
Lavender Cottage, Bells Cross Road, Barham, IP6 0QN
1752/16 Erection of single storey rear extension demolition of existing rear conservatory
23 Edinburgh Gardens, Claydon,IP6 0DT
1667/16 Change of use convert office to a dwelling and erection of single storey extension
The Old Telephone Exchange, Station Road, Claydon, IP6 0HS
1631/16 Two storey side extension & single storey rear extension.
3 Laurel Way, Claydon, IP6 0DD
0870/16 Erection of a single storey side extension.
15 Bacon Road, Claydon, Ipswich, IP6 0BQ
0934/16 Erection of two-storey front extension and single storey front extension.
Peacehaven, The Crescent, Barham IP6 0PE
 0488/16  Erection of industrial unit and external plant together with associated external works
BSP International Foundations, Claydon Business Park, Great Blakenham IP6 0NL
0469/16 Change of use and works to convert office to a dwelling and erection of single storey extension to rear elevation
The Old Telephone Exchange, Station Road, Claydon IP6 0HS

Application details will be removed from this local list approximately three months after a decision has been made.


The Parish Council regularly review local planning applications which could have an effect on our village; these could also include those in neighbouring parishes.

If a member of the public wishes to comment on a particular application, the process is described here. You should normally do this within 21 days of the registration date of an application. It would be useful if you could send a copy of your correspondence to the Parish Clerk.

Should sufficient objections be received including those from the Parish Council then the application will be taken to the District Council Planning Committee, and not decided by the case officer alone.

Each week Mid Suffolk District Council give details on their website of new planning applications and decisions they've made during the course of the week. You can find detailed copies of planning applications, including full plans, environmental surveys, design and access statements etc, along with comments, conditions and considerations.

You can search (link here) by village, address or application number for the application you’re interested in. It also has a feature for making comments and allows you to see the outcome of past applications. However it is not always easy to get a simple summary of local issues; also there are circumstances where the information has changed but may not be obvious to casual users. To allow you to keep up to date with current issues the reference number and a short summary of the planning application is provided above.

The Parish planning committee also deals with other issues which affect the Parish, and the agenda often includes issues such as street cleaning, litter bins, parking in the village, street lighting and highway matters. Members of the public who have comments on these items can contact a member of the Parish Council.

The decisions and council responses to any local applications are to be found in the minutes of parish meetings.

The Parish Council hopes that this new facility will raise awareness of applications and help to involve the wider community in determining the future direction of the village.


NB the information on this website is provided as an additional help to locating planning applications. It is NOT a replacement for the MSDC site, and the webmaster cannot be held responsible for any omissions or incorrect data.

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