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The "About Us" page covers most of the local information that changes infrequently. There you will find information on Schools, Churches, and Village Halls etc. There is a section for clubs and societies so if yours is not included please tell us. There are also links to all the other village websites so that they are easy to find. There are separate pages for the two Parish Councils where you can find dates of meetings, previous minutes, documents and specific council news. 

The purpose of the website is to provide an additional information and communication route for the local residents in particular and everyone else in general. Note because of the close proximity of the parishes many of the topics will be common and will be reported on the shared News & Events page. However for specific Parish issues follow the links to Claydon, or  Barham.

From the site you can learn about the Parish and its communities, read news and see what events are taking place here.

As well as information about the area you can find details of some businesses and important contacts.

We have provided an annotated map of the area showing most of the locations mentioned on the site. By zooming in it is possible to identify the locations of schools, bus stops, and some businesses. To open the map click here.

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