The current Claydon and Barham website was set up some 5 years ago. At that time only a few others were offering online information within the local area, eg the Church and the local schools. Now, however, many more local groups provide useful news and information through their own websites, facebook, twitter and so on. Mostly, these cover more detailed information, primarily for members of a particular group. This is fine until you want to reach a wider audience say for an event, or to attract prospective members.

To help in this respect, I have tried to coordinated most of these sites under the one umbrella, with quick links to the various group pages. However, as webmaster I am not clairvoyant, so I must rely on you, please, to tell me when you set up or change a website, when the contact for your group changes, or when you would like extra publicity for your group. Please don’t expect me to look on lamp posts or find out about it through other indirect means. To that end I would ask for your cooperation by looking on the website to find your particular entries and just to check that the information is still correct. If you want extra publicity for your event just go to the events page where you will find a link to a simple online submission form.

Can I also suggest that you consider joining join our FREE email service, so that when there is updated local news you will know about without having to keep looking at the website. This is a fully automated process and you will find a this subscription link on the home page, but if you would prefer that I set it up for you please send me an email using the contact us link.

For those of you on Twitter you can link to the local Twitter feed. However you do not need to join Twitter to view the posts. The information is also displayed on the left hand side of our News pages. There you will find snippets of local news that will help you keep abreast of issues in the wider community.

Finally if the website is not providing the information that you want please let me know by visiting the Comment Please page.