SnOasis Parish Alliance

SnOasis Parish Alliance

Update 11 July, The response to MSDC on Reserved Matters made by the SPA on behalf of itself and all the member Parishes is now available on the Gt Blakenham Parish Website  

Update 15th May, Additional documents are now available on the MSDC website including an Environmental Statement

.Great Blakenham, Barham and Claydon and Whitton Parish Councils, along with Nettlestead and Baylham Parish meetings have agreed to form the SnOasis Parish Alliance - a group to work together to consider the details of the SnOasis Reserved Matters and to exert more influence than we can as individual organisations. We intend to work with Mid Suffolk District Council to obtain the information that is necessary for Councils to be able to make informed and constructive comments.

We will be contacting other Parishes who are involved in the consultation process to see if they would like to send a representative to the group.

The  link on the Gt Blakenham Parish Website will be updated as and when new information is received about the application.

You can get to this page from our planning page.


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