Public Consultation Meeting 30th June

Public Consultation Meeting 30th June

Update 12/7/2017 whilst this meeting has taken place the news item will remain so that people can access the various links.

Please note that there was a Joint Public Consultation Meeting regarding the planning applications to build 300 houses to the north of Barham Church Lane. Mid Suffolk District Council Planning Reference: 1856/17 and up to 315 houses on Old Norwich Road, Claydon. Mid Suffolk District Council Planning Reference: 1832/17.

Residents were welcome to attend the meeting and express their opinions however, it is important that residents also provide feedback to Mid Suffolk District Council planning team via their website here.

Webmaster comment:- update 12/7/2017

Those of you who have already looked at these application will note that the stated cut off date for online comments have CHANGED and are now the 7th July for application 1856/17 and now the 14th (27th July according to the MSDC important dates)  for 1832/17. These are obviously different from those previously published.  Should you miss these deadlines I am advised that comments will need to be via email or post and may not be considered.

I understand that at the meeting the residents of Whitton provided an auto response email link providing some guidance and it is reproduced here without any endorsements.

There were also suggestions of list of material planning considerations. I have provided this link to documents previously sent to residents as I am unable to find a link on the MSDC site which relates.

 Please note that the Babergh and Mid Suffolk planning portal has been combined into a new system which came live 1st June 2017.

If you previously registered to make comments or to receive notifications you will now need to re-register on the new system here!

If you are using a PC,  the link to register is on tabs on the top of the screen.

If you are using a tablet or portable device you will need to click the menu symbol to the left of the words "Babergh and Mid Suffolk", then click the option to register. 

You do not need to register to view the documents, however depending on how you found the applcation you may need to click the correct tab or scroll down the page to select the documnet list.




By BPC C&W PC & Webmaster on July 12th, 2017

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