East Anglia ONE Construction

East Anglia ONE Construction

Update 20/7/2017

As many will no doubt be aware the construction of the electrical cable installation is progressing at multiple points along the route from the North sea to Bramford.

Locally there have been changes to the speed limits as detailed below.

C461 Paper Mill Lane, Bramford –
30mph speed limit for 665m south of entrance to Premier Inn Hotel to 100m north of Premier Inn Hotel

B1113 Loraine Way, Bramford –
30mph speed limit for 80m south of Pound Lane to 570m north of Pound Lane it will also include stretches of the linked side roads.

U4736 Old Ipswich Road, Claydon –
30mph speed limit for 650m south of ‘The Gables’

These changes came into effect on the 26th May 2017 and will last until project completion at the end of 2018.

They have been introduced for safety reasons - additional HGV vehicles accessing Iberdrola construction site


South of the Premier Inn Hotel there will be a large site which will be used to store materials for route construction. This picture shows status at the end of July, and this site, including the access road will remain until the project completes.

There will also be impacts on those who use the local footpaths in Akenham, see picture below where the route crosses the existing bridlepath.


Documents relating to the construction can be found here



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