RSS Feeds

On this page you will some links and instructions to help you set up RSS feeds to our site.

The explanation is not exhastive but should help you get started.

The real benefit of RSS is that it allows users to avoid manually inspecting all of the websites they are interested in, and instead subscribe to websites such that all new content is pushed onto their browsers when it becomes available.

To do this you will need an RSS reader. Fortunately many of you will already be using a browser which supports RSS. Just follow the instructions below:

 MS Internet Explorer

For those using Internet Explorer the full instructions are to be found here.

For brevity  the following should get you started.

  1. Switch to the news page, click here
  2. Click the RSS button
  3. Click Subscribe to this feed.
  4. Type a name for the feed “ Village News”
    {and select the folder to create the feed in if you want to}
  5. Click Subscribe

To View the feed click the Favorites button, and then click Feeds

You may also want to subscribe to receive changes to the events happening in the village

Link to Events


  Google Chrome

NB The default browser does NOT include RRS feeds so you first need to download an extension.

There are many to choose from but others have found this link to work successfully.

Follow the instructions supplied with the software, just remember to rename the default RSS name with something shorter.

You will need a Google account to use the service.

The following pages have RSS feeds.

  Apple Ipod/Iphone

These instructions are not exhaustive but should get you started if you do not currently have an RSS feeder app. There are many to choose from but others have found this link to work successfully, which will download this free app

From the app do the following:-

You have now successfully configured the RSS.

To use the app just open the reader and it will automatically inform you if pages have been changed.

If required you need to repeat the process to recieve notifications of changes to the Events pages. The following pages have RSS feeds.