Bar-Clay Music Makers

The Bar-Clay Music Makers is the local amateur dramatics group for all ages, and we perform in the village hall (map). With such a diverse cast and crew, it really connects people from a lot of different backgrounds. The group has a community feel and any newcomer becomes part of the furniture almost immediately. Recently Bar-Clay Music Makers performed Knight Fever, picture above. It had all you would expect from a panto: a beautiful princess, an unlikely yet dashing hero, singing, dancing and an endless supply of comedy (some intentional funny moments and many not so planned!)

Every year the group delivers something very unique, and Knight Fever was no exception. Despite amateur status, the group performed at a professional level, showcasing the group’s chemistry and bringing tears of laughter to many an eye. All cast members have opportunities to take on lead roles, chorus parts, and backstage work or even direct the show, as Sarah Thompson and Carol Cook have achieved so successfully in recent years.

Whether you’re a budding actor or just someone out to meet friends, the Bar-Clay Music Makers provides the fun and excitement you might be looking for. You won’t know true team work and friendship till you’ve joined a group like the Bar-Clay Music Makers!

There are more pictures from some of shows here and a video  here .

For upcoming shows please look in News and Events or for more information visit our facebook page or contact Gillian on 830538.