Emergency Planning

More general information on emergency planning and what you can do as an individual can be found from, Get Prepared Now, the Mid Suffolk site, and latest news here.

Media coverage of significant flooding, snowfalls, vehicle, rail and aircraft crashes in other parts of the country, and isolation of communities as a result, serve well to remind us that we need to be prepared just in case it happens here as well.

The recent UK Storm St Jude definitely focused our minds on the problems that we could face here as a result of severe weather!

Generally, the emergency services, supported by the Local Authority and other agencies, will manage and control the emergency response, but clearly there will be times when their resources are stretched and they are unable to provide immediate support, when local self help may be required.

Community Emergency Plans are intended to help local communities prepare for emergencies in ways that complement and support the emergency services and other relevant agencies. More locally, such a Plan enables our own community to think about how we can pull together if the need arises.

With help and advice from Mid Suffolk District Council’s Emergency Planning Officers therefore, our Parish Council has prepared an Emergency Plan for Claydon & Whitton, which was adopted on 24th June 2013 and will be reviewed annually. We have identified potential local problems that could arise and resources/skills/equipment that could be made available locally to help in emergency situations. We are keen to identify people or areas particularly at risk so that we can focus help where it is most needed. In due course the Plan will also include a volunteer scheme for winter gritting and support for residents in case of severe weather.

As you will see from the Emergency Plan (which you will find here), in case of emergency Claydon and Barham Village Hall is the Assembly Point for the Emergency Planning Team and Claydon High School is the primary Rest Centre we would use if we needed to evacuate residents and provide them with shelter and refreshments.

Thanks to Bunzl & UK Power Networks, ClayWhitpc volunteers are now well equipped for an emergency.

If you would like to join the small Coordinating Team which is developing the Plan or could offer help as a volunteer in any other way, please complete the Volunteer Form (here) or email our Parish Clerk at claywhit@btinternet.com  We should very much value your support.

Cllr Anne Dunford OBE

Claydon & Whitton Parish Council